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  • Website Design - Size Guide
  • Website Design - Size Guide
  • Website Design - Size Guide
  • Website Design - Size Guide
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As part of a content migration project from an adaptive website to a fully-responsive, Bootstrap-driven set of websites, I was tasked with not only transferring existing adaptive content to the new websites, but also producing brand new content which would be used to enhance the customers' experience.

One example of my work on new content for the White Stuff websites was a full Size Guide which customers could interact with either as a direct page, or via a relevant product page from a sub-category. The content migration project in general required communication across multiple teams including my own, such as Creative, Marketing and E-Commerce. However, this page in particular required the most amount of interaction across the teams due to its complexity and amount of information. Multiple versions of this page were also produced for the Global and German websites which incurred considerations for both special characters and copy length.

A future rebuild of this page is planned to enhance the experience further by pinpointing the category the customer has visited the Size Guide via and displaying the relevant Size Guide automatically.

All development work was undertaken by me, with the design of the page coming from the internal White Stuff Creative team, and copy from the internal copywriter. Sizing information was obtained from the pre-existing Size Guides, as well as the Product Team.

Website Design - Size Guide Website Design - Size Guide

Technology Used: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS & jQuery.

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