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As a member of the Frontend Mentor website, I am always on the look-out for new projects to try, to both further my skillset and also gain feedback on my work via the Frontend Mentor community. I decided to build this project to build upon my skills within CSS Grid, while also use it as a testbed for re-developing my mobile navigation setup to use vanilla JavaScript, as opposed to the previous version which used jQuery.

Through developing this solution, I was given the freedom to experiment with a layout which required a full CSS Grid layout, while also gaining confidence in efficient use of Flexbox as required. I developed my skills further using a BEM approach to site development, with well-documented code throughout. The project provided me with an opportunity to build a relatively complex responsive layout, with a mobile-first consideration taken at every step.

I enjoy working on projects such as these, as it gives me an opportunity to review my skillset and challenge myself, and look forward to attempting a new Frontend Mentor challenge in the future.

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