Graphics: Pendulum 5 Gig Poster


I was asked by members of the Devon-based band Pendulum 5 to produce a poster which could be used to publicise various gig dates and their venues. The main brief was for the poster to be eye-catching and allow for easy modification to accommodate a sizeable place name and a date and time for the performance. This service also included the creation of the band’s logo and photography of the band itself; both of which are featured on the poster.

The inspiration for the poster and logo's design comes from the 1950s and 60s which makes up much of the band's repertoire, and has been created to be reminiscent of the brands and general styles which are asssociated with this era; for example the "shimmer" effect of the lettering and the sweeping, stacked ellipses.

Technology used:
Pendulum 5 Gig Poster

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